Cervical Collar Soft (Product Code: 0503)
Convention Collar with PE reinforcement. Made out of high density P.U. foam. Convered with soft, hypoallergenic cotton stockinet.
Cervical Collar Hard ADJ (Product Code: 0505)
Height adjustment ensures perfect ftting & good imobilization. Edge padded with molded. ‘Etafoam’ with high cushioning coefficient. Well ventilated for betterpatient compliance.
Cervical Collar Boneless (Firm Density) (Product Code: 0504)
Moulded out of 60k. / m3 dense PU foam firm cervical support yet cushiony & Comfortable. Covered with aesthetically pleasing Nylon stockinet & a cotton sleeve.
Cervical Immobolisr (Product Code: 0502)
Made out of light weight PE foam. High cervical immobilization because of chin support. Well ventilated & an opening for tracheotomy.
Cervical Orthosis (Philadelphica) Front / Back (Product Code: 0501)
Moulded out of high quality ‘Ethafoam’ Anatomical shape, preformed chin & Tracheotomy opening. Very high immobilization & perfect patient comfort.
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